Elliot Wave View: TCS Stock likely to Extend Higher

Another Positional Trading opportunity in TCS

This week wavesadvisory has come up with a large cap stock recommendation in TCS (IT)

From past couple of months TCS share has been correcting from its peak level of 3339.40.

In this blog, we're going to take a quick look at the TCS Elliot wave Setup and explain trading strategy. As our members know TCS will be showing impulsive sequence

TCS has to penetrate till 2900 to 2870 level, and then we can expect an up trend in the stock after finishing the wave 4 @ 2900 to 2913 level.

We've been calling for a rally and recommending members to Keep buying the dips in wave c of 5 swings whenever chances occur.

Monthly & Weekly Time frame Elliot Wave View

4 Hour & 1 Hour Time frame Elliot Wave View

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