Buy Muthoot Finance, Intraday Trade Setup (09-02-2021)

Confirmation to Buy Muthoot Finance above 1180.55 level

Invalidation level @ 1170

Target: 1190, 1197

Risk: Reward - 0.89 : 1.65

Trading Psychology - Trading is a process. Be patient with yourself. At first, you will make mistakes; you will fail. But you want to fail. You need to fail. Failure is good for you. It builds resilience of mind; develops wisdom; it is the foundation upon which mastery, success, and happiness rest upon.

Disclaimer - Any of my investment or trades I share on my blog are provided for educational purposes only and do not constitute specific financial, trading or investment advice. The blog is intended to provide educational information only and does not attempt to give you advice that relates to your specific circumstances.

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